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Thursday, 27 Jun 2019


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digitaltestMontageFix the process not just the product

To ensure the highest level of product quality, electronic manufacturers cannot rely on test alone.

Ultimately, the best strategy is to identify all potential sources of failure before production begins, not after.

Manufacturers cannot optimize their processes and achieve the best possible time-to-volume and time-to-market performance without a proven pre-production process.

However, process problems are inevitable, so a sound manufacturing process should always include a detailed analysis of all production problems and a plan of action to eliminate production issues as quickly as possible.

The idea of Digitaltest’s QMan (Quality Management software) is simply to link production problems to the various production stages, so that the user can fix his process and avoid such problems.


In QMan this is achieved through the following steps:

  • Collecting the data from the various test, inspection and monitoring stations
  • Repairing the boards
  • Analyzing the faults and linking them to a process or a vendor problem
  • Confirming the analysis by retesting or re-checking the boards
  • Adding the analysis to the Quality Database
  • Utilizing this data in descriptive reports
QMan Highlights:
  • Generic fault data collection from almost any in-circuit test system
  • Graphical visual inspection
  • Functional testing methods
  • Support for sample testing
  • User defined Trend Alarms to monitor the production process
  • Automated/Paperless diagnosis and repair
  • Intelligent Fault Catalog that optimizes repair time
  • Integrated board layout and schematics
  • Comprehensive and extendable set of reports and graphs
  • Instant check status reporting for UUTs
  • Packing complete boards only
  • Centralized SQL database that holds all board history
  • Returned boards handling
  • Efficient monitoring method for all the QMan system