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Thursday, 27 Jun 2019
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C-Link DTM

Introduced in 1985, C-LINK was the first product to link CAD, test, repair and production in a single platform.
In 1989, C-LINK was introduced to the market as a stand-alone product supporting other tester manufacturers.

Today, C-LINK has become the standard and leading product in the market. Linking design to test and production greatly reduces time to market, cuts costs, improves production quality and improves profitability.

The C-LINK family is made up of several products, each focused on a specific area in the production process. These modules are as follows:

"Design everywhere, Produce anywhere"
C-LINK FrontEnd is a "shell" from which all CAD interfaces are executed.
The CAD interfaces convert your PCB files from ...more

Component Database "A wealth of information"
Knowing the CAD data and the BOM are very important when starting a production plan for a new design. To complete ...more

Test "The Link to Test and Repair"
The software's integrated set of tools provides Design for Testability checks, automates the time-consuming process of test fixture design, and ...more

Production "Calculate, Optimize, Generate"
C-LINK Production automates the process of manufacturing electronic printed circuit boards. Its specialized tools are focused on advancing and optimizing ...more

Repair "Redefining Paperless Repair"
Before the C-LINK era, the term "paperless repair" meant eliminating the paper tag of the error message occurring during test. ...more